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Fine Gins of the World Advent Calendar

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  • Volume - 24 x 3cl
  • ABV - 40%

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Fancy yourself a gin aficionado? Or perhaps you just enjoy a delightful G&T, how better to countdown to Christmas than 24 gins all from different countries around the world?

It’s time to indulge in life’s luxuries. Get ready to pamper your palate as we take you on a sensory tour through some of the world’s finest gin distilleries. Whether you’re a gin novice or a seasoned connoisseur, there’s a delicious story to be told in each of these 24 x 30ml bottles.

The juniper berry is actually a female seed cone from the many varieties of juniper tree found mainly within Europe, North America and Asia. The fleshy and tightly packed scales of the cone give the illusion of a berry. Juniper is responsible for the classic pine & citrus notes in gin with other botanicals selected to add distinctive flavour characteristics.

Fresh garnishes can completely transform your regular G&T both from a taste and appearance perspective. Fresh sprigs of basil, rosemary, lavender or thyme work wonderfully and should definitely be considered alongside your gin of choice, with plenty of ice and premium tonic.

Have a peek to see what’s inside? In no particular order:

Archipelago Botanical Gin - 45.00% - Philippines
Berry Bros. & Rudd London Dry Gin - 40.60% - England
Canaima Gin - 47.00% - Venezuela
Colombo No. 7 London Dry Gin - 43.10% - Sri Lanka
Copperhead Gibson - 40.00% - Belgium
Cross Keys Distilled Dry Gin - 41.00% - Latvia
Etsu Original Gin - 43.00 - Japan
Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin - 41.00% - Ireland
Gower Gin - 43.00% - Wales
Greater Than Gin - 40.00% - India
Herno Old Tom Gin - 43.00% - Sweden
Inverroche Verdant Gin - 43.00% - South Africa
Katun Gin - 42.00% - Mexico
Kilbroney Premium Irish Gin - 42.00% - Northern Ireland
Kyro Gin - 42.60% - Finland
Melbourne Gin - 42.00% - Australia
New York Distilling Company Dorothy Parker Gin - 44.00% - USA
No.3 London Dry Gin - A Berry Bros. & Rudd Recipe - 46.00% - Holland
Nordés Gin - 40.00% - Spain
Red Door - Highland Gin - 45.00% - Scotland
Santa Ana Gin - 42.30% - France
Scapegrace Uncommon Series Central Otago Early Harvest Gin - 40.80% - New Zealand
The Bitter Truth Pink Gin - 40.00% - Germany
Ungava Gin - 43.00% - Canada


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