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Cognac Advent Calendar

Regular price £199.99 GBP

  • Volume - 24 x 3cl
  • ABV - 40%

In stock

Cognac for Connoisseurs from the fabulous Charente vineyards in France.  

Relax, and breathe in the heady scents of the fabulous Charente vineyards… It’s time to indulge in some velvety French luxury. Behind each door you’ll discover a 30ml bottle of truly magnificent Cognac to savour straight or add to a warming delicious cocktail or two. You’re in for a treat.

This iconic spirit has been crafted since the 16th century using a double distillation system. It is produced by master blenders from a variety of grapes grown exclusively in the Cognac region of France, which is defined by its maritime climate, classic chalky soil, and the Charente River. In order to be classified as cognac, ageing must take place over a minimum of two years in French oak barrels from Tronçais or Limousin.

Have a peek to see what’s inside? In no particular order:

Hermitage Single Estate Café 20 Cognac 20 Year Old - 42.00%
A.E. Dor Napoleon Cognac - 40.00%
Bourgoin Double Lie XO Cognac 2010 - 43.00%
Camus VSOP Borderies Single Estate Cognac - 40.00%
Ragnaud-Sabourin No.20 Reserve Speciale Cognac - 43.00%
Jules Gautret 10 Year Old XO Cognac - 40.00%
Château De Montifaud XO 30 Years Old, Petite Champagne Cognac - 40.00%
Daniel Bouju XO Cognac - 40.00%
Hine Bonneuil 2010 Cognac Single Estate - 42.10%
Frapin XO 15 Year Old Cognac - 45.30%
H By Hine VSOP Cognac - 40.00%
Hermitage Single Estate Cognac 10 Year Old - 40.00%
Bourgoin VSOP Cognac - 43.00%
Jean Fillioux Cep D'or XO Selection Cognac - 40.00%
Larsen VS Single Grape Cognac - 40.00%
Château De Montifaud Napoléon 18 Year Old, Petite Champagne Cognac - 40.00%
Le Réviseur VS Cognac - 40.00%
Leyrat VSOP Cognac - 40.00%
Louis Royer VSOP Cognac - 40.00%
Maxime Trijol Elegance Grande Champagne Cognac - 40.00%
Merlet Brothers Blend VSOP Cognac - 40.00%
Frapin VSOP Cognac - 40.00%
Seignette VS Cognac - 40.00%
Tesseron Lot No.90 XO Cognac - 40.00%


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