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Coachbuilt Whisky

Regular price £35.00 GBP

  • Volume - 70cl
  • ABV - 47%

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“Remarkably well crafted, elegant, and balanced, Coachbuilt represents a super-premium blend of two worlds - the worlds of luxury vehicles and high-end whisky, tied together by their unique craft and detailed creation.”

This wonderful Blended Whisky was born with a clear goal in mind – to celebrate the connection between a perfectly balanced whisky and the timeless craft of coachbuilding. Who better to represent the spirit of these crafts than George Koutsakis and brand ambassador Jenson Button.

George is a renowned whisky expert who has observed the world of luxury whisky evolve. “We want the world of whisky lovers as well as non-whisky drinkers to appreciate the skill that goes into creating a great blended whisky. The quality and balance of Coachbuilt Whisky will lead the way in shifting long-held assumptions about blended whisky and open up a new chapter for the category” he says.

Jenson Button, a bona-fide master of Formula 1 racing and motorsport in general, naturally fulfilled the role of representing the brand that championed engineering expertise at the most premium level. Together with George, they formed a partnership that is geared up to race out of the blocks to bring Coachbuilt to life.

The Whisky
The whisky and ingredients responsible for this great drop have been carefully chosen from five regions in Scotland and matured in ex sherry oak casks. The result? A perfectly balanced blend.

On the nose expect wafts of summer fruit and gentle spice. The palate offers a complex yet balanced blend of dried fruit, warming spice followed by soft toffee and hint of citrus. The finish is long yet delicate with lingering fruit and a background of gentle smoke. Wonderful stuff!

Flavour profile:
Fruity: 91
Floral: 71
Smoke: 28
Sweet: 56
Spicy: 52
Fresh: 35


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