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Americana Whiskey Collection Advent Calendar

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  • Volume - 24 x 3cl
  • ABV - 40%

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Treat your taste buds to 24 x 30ml bottles of sensational American whiskeys. From the sweet, smooth notes of bourbon to the intense complexity of rye, this collection has been hand-picked to take you on an evocative journey across the US of A, one unforgettable spirit at a time. 

Bourbon is the signature whiskey of America. To bear the name Bourbon, it must be at least 51% corn, aged in charred new oak barrels, distilled at no more than 80% ABV and bottled at no less than 40% ABV. If you've never tried a bourbon before, expect a sweet whiskey with notes of vanilla and toffee. Bourbon can be produced anywhere in the USA, but originated in the south.

Rye whiskey originally formed the backbone of many classic American cocktails, such as the Manhattan, the Whiskey Sour and the Old Fashioned. If you are trying rye for the first time, you’ll pick up bold fruitiness and rich spices compared to the smooth sweetness of bourbon. To be called a 'rye' whiskey, the mash must be made of at least 51% rye, with the remaining percentage made up of a combination of grains usually including corn, wheat, malted rye, and malted barley.

Have a peek to see what’s inside? In no particular order:

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 50.00%
Blanton's Gold Edition, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 51.50%
Blackened Whiskey, a Blend of Straight American Whiskeys - 45.00%
Boulder Spirits, American Single Malt Whiskey - 46.00%
Michter's US*1 Small Batch, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 45.70%
Rowan's Creek, Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 50.05%
Ezra Brooks, Straight Rye Whiskey - 45.00%
Belmont Farm Bonded American Whiskey - 50.00%
Sagamore Spirit Double Oak, Straight Rye Whiskey - 48.30%
Eagle Rare, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 10 Year Old - 45.00%
Sazerac Straight Rye Whiskey - 45.00%
Four Roses Original, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 40.00%
Blanton's Original Single Barrel, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 46.50%
Willett's Pot Still Reserve Single Barrel, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 47.00%
Seelbach's Private Reserve Batch 3, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 58.22%
Wilderness Trail Single Barrel, Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey - 52.00%
Elijah Craig Small Batch, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 47.00%
MB Roland Small Batch, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 54.60%
James E. Pepper, 1776 Straight Rye Whiskey - 46.00%
Buffalo Trace, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - 40.00%
Kentucky Peerless, Small Batch Rye Whiskey - 54.95%
Rittenhouse, Straight Rye Whiskey - 50.00%
Daddy Rack, Tennessee Straight Whiskey - 40.00%
Balcones, Texas Pot Still Bourbon - 46.00%


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