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Age verification

By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol.

Competition & Prize Draw T&Cs

The Spirit Co run monthly, free-to-enter competitions where players have the opportunity to win a prize of a premium standard.

Prizes will usually be in the form of a bottle(s) of stated volume.​

Monthly prizes will be announced by The Spirit Co at the opening of each competition, stating the necessary details. ​

Competitions usually run for a period of one calendar month, from 00:00 GMT on the first of the month through to 00:00 GMT on the final day of the month although in some circumstances specific timings will be stated. ​

Entry Criteria

Entrants must be of legal drinking age for their country or region and the ownership and consumption of alcohol in the form of sprits (over 24% abv) must be legal in the entrant's country or region or state.

Entrants are not permitted to enter multiple times from separate accounts. This will render all entries for that particular entrant invalid.

To access the competition, entrants are required to sign-up to The Spirit Co’s newsletter database. This data is used to provide e-mail newsletters promoting The Spirit Co’s competitions, blogs and other Spirit Co related information and products.

Entrants that subscribe and then subsequently unsubscribe from The Spirit Co database, prior to the close of the competition that they subscribed to, will render all of their competition entries invalid.


​Winners of the main competition prize are selected at random. Winners will be notified by email and have 5 days to acknowledge their prize. ​

We reserve the right to change the main advertised prize for a similar prize of similar value at any time and without notice.

Winners must provide proof of age and identity in the form of passport, official ID card, photo identification, or other official documentation as part of the entry ratification process. This will also be required to accept delivery. ​

All decisions relating to winners, invalid entries, re-draws, etc are taken by The Spirit Co and are final.

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